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Nirvana Hot Yoga

Nirvana Yoga and Massage and More!

We currently offer many open level group classes as well as special workshops. Private sessions are available for individuals, duets, or small groups to meet your schedule. 

Hot/Warm Yoga

Hot classes are heated to about 100 degrees. (This allows for a deep stretch without injury).  These are open level classes that are perfect for beginning and advanced students.  Please come with an open mind and heart and be ready to sweat. Warm classes (MWF 9am) are heated to 85 degrees and are perfect for beginners or those who want to slowly adjust to the heat.

Ashtanga Yoga

Join Dori every Friday at 4:30pm to practice Hot Ashtanga Yoga. This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures. This is a process that produces intense internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs.


Kid's Yoga Camps

Perfect for a parent's night out! Camps include arts & crafts, healthy snacks & a GLOW yoga class by blacklight! (Wear lots of white for more glowing!) Sign up fast as these camps will fill up! Camps are 2 hours long and $20 per child.

In Jonesboro: Instructor Songa Wheeler leads the Kid's Yoga Camps Jonesboro.  There are generally two ages groups, 3–5 & 6 & up. Usually held on Friday or Saturday evenings, 6:30–8:30pm, they take place at the Nirvana Jonesboro studio in Downtown Jonesboro.  Register by contacting Songa at 870-930-5400. 

Hot Yoga 26

Nirvana's first weekly offering of HOT YOGA 26. Inspired by the first hot yoga classes that were ever offered in the US, and lead by Certified Yoga Instructor, Holland LeDelia.

This is a traditional sequence (inspired from Birkram Yoga) that will be 75 minutes in length. It is a series of 26 postures, some of which are repeated twice, plus two Pranayama exercises practiced in a room 100˚+. The series is half standing balance and half floor poses. It is a very challenging practice that will remain the same from week to week. This makes it very interesting and easy to monitor your own personal progress. There are but no sun salutations (no up or down dog, plank, or chaturanga) which makes it perfect for beginners or people with shoulder issues as well as the advanced practitioner. Come to detox, stretch, strengthen and balance.

This class will be $10 to drop in and WILL BE included in the monthly membership package.

Glow Yoga

Join Chrystal once a month for this super fun class lite in black lights! Once Saturday afternoon per month. Be sure to wear lots of white!


Chrystal Taylor, certified Massage Therapist, is available for daily bookings at Nirvana Jonesboro. One hour massages are $60, or $50 for those with a Monthly Unlimited Yoga Membership.

To learn more about Juice Plus products & benefits, visit Chrystal's website at




Click here for MindBody Scheduling! Mindbody is our new service that allows you to create your own account with Nirvana and sign up for classes online in Jonesboro. You can also use your debit or credit card to book in advance and take advantage of new packages and deals. Click to get started!

Automatic Monthly Membership Renewal now available!

Visit our Mindbody page and set up your own personal account. There are many payment choices and special deals available only online-like buy 10 classes for $90 and have you monthly unlimited membership renewed automatically every month. When you commit to at least 3 months, you membership is only $90/month! If you are already a monthly member, think of the savings you'll see! Also monthly members receive massages by Chrystal at only $50/hour (that's another $10 savings). Sign up now and come to unlimited hot classes without worry or hassle.

One Class drop in is $10.00 or $100.00 per month for unlimited class.

Introductory Special: First time students only: $30 1 week unlimited pass on your first visit

"Pay what you can" class–9:00am 1st Monday of every month.

Private Heated Yoga sessions are $75.00 per 1.5 hour class.

1 day retreat's are $55/$40 students

Massage by Chrystal Taylor is $60/hour and $50/hour for those with an Monthly Unlimited Membership.


Gift Certificates available!

Smart Water - $ 2.00  
Mat rental - $ 5.00                                                                                                       Yogitoes Towel Rental - $5.00                                                                                            Hand towel - $ 1.00

Retail:                                                                                Jade Mats Available Price Vary                                                                                       YogiToes Towels $65/ BIG $76                                                                                        YogiToes Hand Towel $12                                                                                               Barkan Method Yoga DVD $20                                                                                       Clothing ranges from $18-$55   



Get excited!  Our new Nirvana's logo wear has arrived! Currently in the studio are pants, capris, shorts, tanks, zip up jackets, and men's shorts, sweatshirt hoodies,  T-Shirts-long sleeve and shorts and tanks.  Proudly show your support by wearing one today!

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