Class Descriptions

We offer open level group classes & private lessons!

Private sessions are available for individuals, pairs, and small groups to meet your schedule--contact us to customize these sessions for you!


We welcome you to our Home, with an open mind, and an open heart. Be ready to sweat!



Hot Yoga

Hot classes are heated to around 100 degrees. This allows for warm muscles and a deep stretch without injury. These open level vinyasa classes are perfect for beginning and advanced students, and your instructors will always offer modifications to accommodate all bodies and abilities. Please come hydrated & be ready to sweat!



Warm Yoga

Warm classes are offered Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30 a.m., the room is heated to around 85 degrees. These vinyasa classes are perfect for beginners, or those who want to slowly adjust to the heat.




Warm High Intesity Interval Training classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. In this class we mix 44 minutes of traditional vinyasa movement with 16 minutes of high intensity postures designed to raise the heart rate for heart and lung health. We repeat dynamic yoga movements for eight rounds of 20 seconds each (4 minutes of activity with seven 10 second breaks) four times throughout the class. Each dynamic movement is specifically tailored to be available and modifiable for every body and every level of yoga ability and fitness, and the class is intended to raise each individual's fitness level at their own pace. This class follows 'The Tabata Protocol', a scientifically proven method to build cardio fitness and lung capacity, and increase fat-burn for up to 72 hours. This is a class for everyone!



Yoga Sculpt

This strength-building class incorporates hand weights and high-intesity cardio bursts for a maximum calorie-burning effect. Hand and leg weights add new challenge to traditional yoga classes, and this heated class also incorporates cardio exercises to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. And of course, there's always a core workout mixed in! Accommodations will be offered during this modified vinyasa class for all bodies and abilities. It is not necessary to use weights to participate in this class.



Hot Slow Flow + Meditation

This slower version of our usual class is suitable for all levels of yogis. Traditional vinyasa poses are offered along with modifications and variations to suit your personal practice. Guided meditation is offered at the end of this class.



Yoga Beats! Hot Yoga

Yoga Beats at Nirvana Hot Yoga is FUN! This upbeat class will have several black lights and a new themed playlist. This power vinyasa class offers chances to try new things to develop your yoga practice, and modifications are always available to accommodate all bodies and all ability levels.


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