Meet your Instructors

Chrystal Taylor

Chrystal Taylor is the owner of Nirvana Hot Yoga & Massage since 2010. She is a certified Barkan Hot Yoga Instructor, 500 Hour E-RYT, and Prenatal Yoga Instructor. Chrystal is also a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Arkansas. Yoga is her passion and she loves sharing it with others. 


Chrystal and Farrah King founded Thrive Yoga, LLC., a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School. Together they offer a 2ooRYT yoga teacher training program twice a year at Nirvana Hot Yoga.

Alex Crawley

Alex completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in December 2020. She teaches a heated power yoga class that includes stretching, strength building, and breath work. 

"My favorite thing about yoga is that it helps me relieve stress and find peace. Personal growth through practice and the sense of community at the studio inspire me to teach. Some of my hobbies include painting, traveling, discovering new music, and of course yoga!" -Alex

Amy Hyman

Amy completed her RYT 200 certification in March of 2022.

"My favorite thing about yoga is that it teaches you life lessons both on and off the mat, yoga is always there for you no matter your journey or what season of life you’re in. I was inspired to teach because I love sharing how yoga changed my life.. I broke my back, pelvis, tailbone and ribs in a car accident in 2013, and yoga has helped me heal and maintain freedom of movement. Hopefully my lived experience can inspire someone in a similar situation to push through and learn how the body can heal itself while becoming stronger. Besides yoga, my hobbies and passions include running, gardening, baking and reading Agatha Christie mysteries." - Amy

Brooklyn Wolfe

Brooklyn completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in March of 2023.  


"My favorite thing about yoga is how it teaches you to align the mind, spirit, and body to reach your highest self. 

What inspires me to teach is the opportunity to create a safe space for people to connect with themselves and others through the practice. My other hobbies/passions are being a barista, artist and plant lover "     - Brooklyn

Cheryl Russell

Cheryl completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in July 2022.

"I began practicing about 20 years ago at Nirvana Jonesboro, where I fell in love with the challenge, mind-body experience, and life application. I love how yoga applies to other areas of my life.  My practice has improved my physical as well as mental health. The judgement free zone allows me to create my own yoga practice while at the same time being a part of a bigger community. It teaches me not to overthink. I am inspired to teach by sharing and growing with others in the same way along with building relationships while knowing I am making a difference in the day and life of others. My Hobbies/Passions include Hiking, being outdoors, creating art, my faith, family, friends, and yoga." -     Cheryl

Cindy Vaupel

Cindy is an RYT 200 who has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. She has been a scuba instructor, an Early Childhood and Elementary educator, and is a natural leader and motivator! She brings an intense love and desire to share her gift of knowledge and senior wisdom to her yoga instruction. Cindy particularly enjoys teaching beginner-level yoga classes in which she brings a simplicity to yoga practice by breaking down the poses and teaching yogis to breathe and free their minds, and she always encourages questions. She loves Nirvana and the people she had been blessed to teach and practice with!

Garrett Barley

Garrett recieved his 200RYT in July of 2022.


"My favorite thing about yoga is the mind, body, and breath connection. it takes you right into the present moment and allows you to find a deeper connection with yourself. i’m inspired to teach because i want others to experience this same connection and discover all of the benefits yoga has to offer. Some of my other hobbies outside of yoga are rock climbing, traveling, and playing music!"

Larson Rainey

Larson recieved her 200RYT in March of 2023.


"My favorite thing about yoga is that it allows people to experience mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Anyone of any age or body type can practice yoga, and the yogi community is diverse and full of love- which is why I love teaching and sharing my practice with others. My hobbies include playing guitar, going hiking, and being a plant mom "

Megan Knowling

Megan completed her 200 RYT in July of 2022.
"My favorite thing about yoga is the ability to connect my mind, body and spirit in a versatile and intentional practice. Not one practice in the same and it’s accessible to everyone!
I feel inspired to share my passion for yoga with any and everyone. I love being able to connect with people of all backgrounds on the mat, and inspire others through my classes. 
My other hobbies include cooking yummy vegan food, weight lifting, running, spending time outside, listening to music, reading and painting. I also high jump for Arkansas State University!"     -Megan

Rachel Graham

Rachel competed her 200hr yoga teacher certification in March of 2020.

"My passion for yoga comes from the subtle calmness that I am left with after every class and if I can bring that stillness to the mind and body for others, I would love to see myself as a vessel for that. I also love hiking in nature, as well as gardening and learning to cook from scratch with the ladies in my family."  -Rachel

Rachel Klasky

"I fell in love with yoga back in 2009 at Nirvana. After practicing for a decade, I knew yoga was something I’d continue for the rest of my life. I decided to become certified to I could share my passion for yoga with others."

Rachel was certified in 2019 through Edge Yoga. Her favorite thing about yoga is that it is accessible to all. No matter one’s age, gender, size, or experience-they can find a connection to their mind, body, and breath

Substitute Instructors 

Amy Dacus

Amy obtained her 200 hour RYT in October 2020, she also recieved her Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification in Febuary 2023.


"I enjoy the way yoga makes me feel strong and powerful. I want to encourge other people around my age to do yoga and not worry about what they look like" 


Evelyn Watkins

Evelyn completed her 200 hour RYT in March of 2021 . She teaches a power flow focusing on the connection between movement and breath , while including deep stretching & slow movements .

" I am inspired to teach by the overall effect yoga had on me both physically and mentally , I want to be able to share my journey & experience with others and hopefully make a difference . My favorite thing about yoga is the ability to always learn more & become more advanced! I am also passionate about being outdoors , cooking , & traveling " - Evelyn

Farrah King

Farrah King is a  500 Hour E-RYT Certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance and Barkan Method. She loves to teach power yoga and help students reach their "inner core".  She has been a Certified Group Fitness instructor since 2005 through AFAA and Certified Indoor Cycling instructor through Swynn (2008) and Keiser (2010).  She currently resides in Gulf Shores, AL, but travels back to AR for Thrive Yoga Teacher Training and guest teaches at Nirvana when she comes back to visit. 


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